Richard Hoffman

Richard Hoffman is owner of Geomancy Consulting, an InformationWeek contributor and former technology editor for Network Computing. He has been coding, analyzing and building systems for more than three decades since starting his first computer consulting business at the age of 14. Since doing academic work in areas including artificial intelligence, computational linguistics and knowledge representation, Richard has typically been on the bleeding edge of IT, including building portable/mobile and pre-802.11 wireless systems for the American Red Cross national headquarters for use on site at large-scale national disaster relief jobs; deploying one of the first websites with real-time remote updates and audio reporting from the field (with IBM, CNN and the Red Cross); building Web-based, classroom and e-learning systems for Fairfax Country Public Schools; leading intranet/portal system architecture for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; and directing Internet strategy and Web operations for Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in New England, as well as dealing with the perniciously sticky issues of governance, policy and process.


He is currently an IT strategist, technology analyst, systems architect and semiprofessional heretic, based in New England but roaming frequently in search of interesting problems. He can be reached at