Ed Moyle and Diana Kelley

Ed Moyle is a security strategist with Savvis' information security practice, providing strategy, guidance and consulting to clients worldwide, as well as a founding partner of SecurityCurve. Ed has been a senior manager with CTG and VP and information security officer for Merrill Lynch Investment Managers. Ed is co-author of Cryptographic Libraries for Developers and a frequent contributor to the information security industry as author, speaker and analyst.

Diana Kelley, a 20-year veteran of the IT industry, is a partner in and co-founder of research and consulting firm SecurityCurve, based in Amherst, N.H. She formerly served as vice president and service director for security and risk management strategies at Burton Group, executive security adviser for CA, general manager at Symantec, and manager, financial services consulting at KPMG. Diana has extensive experience creating secure network architectures and business solutions for large corporations and delivering strategic, competitive knowledge to security software vendors.