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Support Staff’s Changing Role

The last few years have seen some very big shifts in the way companies use technology. Employees accustomed to using particular mobile devices loaded with specific apps in their personal lives are using said devices in their professional lives, as well. Some companies are tolerating this bring-your-own-device model, while more and more are proactively inviting it. Another big change has come in the form of the cloud, which has enabled employees to quickly, easily and cheaply set up the kinds of robust applications that formerly required lots of IT intervention. Social networking has been another disruption to the traditional end user support/help desk model. All of these factors have changed the demand for end user support/help desk, but they are also changing the nature of the category.

The InformationWeek 2012 IT Staffing Survey showed that many companies will decrease staffing in this area in the next year, but there are several for which end user support/help desk will be a staffing priority. The survey also showed a mix of responses when it comes to the ways in which the availability of end user support/help desk staff will affect the adoption of technology. Based on our survey, ongoing discussions with enterprise IT professionals and examination of the broader business technology landscape, it looks as though the nature of internal support and the internal support staff role is changing significantly. While many companies expect a decrease in end user support/help desk staffing in the next year, opportunities for these staffers may be opening up in many new ways. (R5761012)

Survey Name   InformationWeek 2012 State of IT Staffing Survey
Survey Date   July 2012
Region   North America
Number of Respondents    148 respondents citing end user support/help desk as a top area of staffing increase.
Purpose   To gauge end user support/help desk staffing trends in the enterprise.

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